Creating a new methodology using the CDM-AR-NM form

Where a designated operational entity (DOE) determines that a proposed A/R project activity intends to use a new baseline or monitoring methodology, it must forward the proposed methodology to the Executive Board for review prior to the submission of the project for registration:

If the DOE determines that the proposed afforestation or reforestation project activity under the CDM intends to use a new baseline or new monitoring methodology, as referred to in paragraph 12 (g) (ii) above, it shall, prior to a submission for registration of this project activity, forward the proposed baseline or monitoring methodology, together with the draft project design document, including a description of the project and identification of the project participants, to the Executive Board for review (5/CMP.1, Annex, paragraph 13).

Implicit in this process is a requirement that the Executive Board consider and approve all proposed new A/R methodologies before they are applied in any A/R project (EB 53, Annex 13, paragraph 3).

If an approved methodology already exists that is similar to the proposed methodology, the proponent must justify how the two differ:

In accordance with paragraph 38 of the CDM modalities and procedures and further guidance provided by the Board, a newly proposed methodology with a similar applicability as an already approved methodology, including a consolidated methodology, may be submitted for consideration of the Board at any time. Proponents need to provide justification on how such a methodology differs from an approved methodology and that its accuracy and completeness is comparable to that of the approved methodology (EB 15, paragraph 9).

The latest procedures for the creation and submission of a new methodology are contained in EB 53, Annex 13. Project participants are required to prepare and submit to a DOE:

  1. a completed Proposed new baseline and monitoring methodology for large scale afforestation and reforestation CDM project activities form (form CDM-AR-NM); and
  2. a Project design document for afforestation and reforestation project activities form (form CDM-AR-PDD) with at least the section entitled "Application of an approved baseline and monitoring methodology" (including relevant annexes) completed as a draft, to provide an example of the application of the A/R PNM. (EB 53, Annex 13).

In order to propose a new methodology, project proponents must complete the CDM: Proposed New A/R Methodology form (CDM-AR-NM). The latest version of this form (Version 4) is contained in EB 55, Annex 23 and can be downloaded here. The rules and guidelines provided by the Executive Board to aid project proponents in completing this form are set out below. Guidelines on completing this form are set out in EB 5642, Annex 14 (Version 10) and are available here.

Content of the CDM-AR-NM form

CDM-NM contains the following sections:

  • Section I - Source Definitions and Applicability
  • Section II - Baseline Methodology Procedure
  • Section III - Monitoring Methodology

Development of CDM-AR-NM and related guidance

Version 4 of the CDM-AR-NM (EB 55, Annex 23) replaces Version 3 contained in EB 32, Annex 20; Version 2 contained in EB 26, Annex 20; and Version 1 contained in EB 22, Annex 14. In the past, baseline methodologies and monitoring methodologies were proposed separately using CDM-AR-NMB and CDM-AR-NMM. The latest versions of the separate forms were contained in EB 21, Annex 19, but these forms are no longer in use.

The current guidelines on completing the CDM-AR-NM (Version 10, in EB 56 Annex 14) replace earlier guidance in EB 35, Annex 21; EB 32, Annex 17; EB 26, Annex 21; EB 23 Annex 15(b) and EB 22, Annex 14.

Further guidance on completing CDM-AR-NM

In addition to the guidance mentioned above, the Executive Board has provided several additional points of guidance on completing the CDM-NM-AR form and proposal of new A/R methodologies. This guidance is contained in the document entitled Technical Guidelines for the Development of New Afforestation/Reforestation Baseline and Monitoring Methodologies (EB 35 Annex 21).

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